The Ethogram Wins ABS Award

The editors and contributors of the UCD Animal Behavior Graduate Group's The Ethogram were recently congratulated by the Animal Behavior Society (ABS) as one of the organization's 2020 Outreach Grant recipients.

The Ethogram was founded in 2014 as a formalized outreach effort by graduate students in the ABGG. The blog has since grown steadily, reaching nearly 17,000 visitors, in over 100 countries, in 2019 alone. The staff consists of multiple editors and over 20 contributors per year, ranging from undergraduates to faculty, both at UC Davis and other institutions.

Prestigious Grant Awarded: Studying Honey Bee Social Networks to Improve Colony Health

Dr. Brian Johnson and ABGG graduate student Adrian Perez have been awarded a three-year grant by Project Apis Mellifera and the National Honey Board for research focused on honey bee health. The project aims to use social network analysis to understand how honey bee colonies change their social interaction patterns in response to various pathogens, food availability, and other environmental factors. The funding mainly supports the set up of a tracking system that will allow for automated monitoring of thousands of workers in the hive.