Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Animal Behavior Graduate Group believes in actively creating an equitable environment for all our members and has created the Diversity and Inclusion Committee to ensure our continued commitment to this goal. The mission statement of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee is below:

The mission of the Animal Behavior Diversity and Inclusion Committee is to promote, foster, and enhance the diversity of the Animal Behavior Graduate Group (ABGG). Diversity includes the familiar categories of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, as well as all the different characteristics and attributes of our current and aspiring members.

The Committee believes that the inclusion of members with a diversity of background and experiences creates a more productive, innovative, and understanding scientific community. The Committee recognizes that achieving these goals requires not only assisting individual students during recruitment and throughout their graduate studies, but also developing an organizational culture at both the Graduate Group and institutional level that values and supports an inclusive academic environment.

As such, we are committed to 1) providing equitable opportunities for all individuals to be able to realize their maximum potential, and 2) identifying and overcoming patterns of oppression, as they arise in our program, the UC System, and the broader scientific community. We aim to achieve this by regularly evaluating and improving our admission and recruitment practices, creating diversity and inclusion training opportunities for all members, and ensuring that all students have equitable access to the resources offered by the University of California.

We have compiled a list of resources that provide mental health support for BIPOC and LGBTQIA students. Additionally, we include suggested action items and general educational resources for allies. We hope this list can be a community effort. Please email eazepeda@ucdavis.edu or jahubbard@ucdavis.edu with resource suggestions.

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Committee Members

Co Chairs:

Josie Hubbard, jahubbard@ucdavis.edu

Emily Zepeda, eazepeda@ucdavis.edu

Faculty Members:

Kristina Horback

Student Members:

Lindsey Broadus

Christofer Brothers

Victoria Farrar

Carter Loftus

Amelia Munson

Adrian Perez

Alexander Vining

Allison Pullin

Statements of Diversity

Support Programs and Departments