The Ethogram Wins ABS Award

The editors and contributors of the UCD Animal Behavior Graduate Group's The Ethogram were recently congratulated by the Animal Behavior Society (ABS) as one of the organization's 2020 Outreach Grant recipients.

The Ethogram was founded in 2014 as a formalized outreach effort by graduate students in the ABGG. The blog has since grown steadily, reaching nearly 17,000 visitors, in over 100 countries, in 2019 alone. The staff consists of multiple editors and over 20 contributors per year, ranging from undergraduates to faculty, both at UC Davis and other institutions.

Across 11 different columns, they publish up to 4 articles per week, and these pieces are designed to cater to different audiences. For instance, their biweekly “Creature Feature” presents a brief profile on a given organism, targeted towards non-scientists but supported by scientific references. Their is also discuss major issues in “Science and Culture”, such as the inequity dilemma in field research and mental health in graduate school.

Future plans include developing online lesson plans for both teachers and parents, creating a “Young Explorers” section of the blog for younger students interested in animal behavior, and also organizing a webinar series aimed for non-scientific audiences. Anyone who is interested in joining our team, regardless of position or affiliation, is encouraged to get in touch!


Twitter: @TheEthogram

Instagram: @the.ethogram

Facebook page: The Ethogram


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