September 2014

Undergrads, graduate students, and post docs from the Animal Behavior Graduate Group and the Ecology and Evolution Department joined forces to put on an outreach program at the Discovery Museum Science and Space Center in Sacramento, CA during the first weekend of September. Each day, we did activities with visiting children and adults which taught general principles of animal behavior, such as optimal foraging, and encouraged curiosity. Perhaps the highlight was a mist net which was set up in the classroom and the accompanying stuffed animals birds, which allowed the kids to understand how we go about studying wild animals. The kids seemed to particularly enjoy being allowed (and encouraged!) to throw things indoors.



In 2013, PhD students in ABGG began a partnership with the 'Sci Hi Club' at River City HS in West Sacramento, CA. This after-school outreach program facilitates interactions between high school and graduate students, informing high school students of real science that is being done locally. Graduate students also talk about their personal 'path to a PhD', emphasizing that there are many ways to reach higher education. To date, approximately half of the Animal Behavior Grad Group has participated in this outreach program, volunteering over 20 hours to science outreach in our local community. We are excited to continue this partnership in years to come!